Helpful tips for an enjoyable first time.


Club Baths hosts men that are looking for a discreet experience. 

Our friendly staff are a fantastic resource for new guests at the Club.  Let them know it’s your first time so that they can give you a tour and explain how things work. 

Free condoms are always available as Club Philly supports your choices around safer sex.

Inside the Club there is a small store which sells lube, toys, food, drink, etc.


Getting into the Club is easy. 


Speak with the attendant who will buzz you in for entry.  Your security and privacy are important to us, which is why the entrance is locked and monitored at all times.


Next, decide what kind of room you want.  Lockers are always an option, but we recommend rooms to first timers so that you can have more control over your privacy and experience.


Upon check-in the attendant will hand you a key and towel. 


You're all set. Explore! 


Anything goes!


Most of the talking is done in private rooms or in the main lounge.

In the public areas, guests communicate non-verbally (i.e. body language and eye contact).  Use your best judgment as the process is a lot like trying to pick up at a bar.

Courtesy and respect go a long way at the Club. If you see something you like the direct approach is usually best!

If someone shows interest but the feeling is not mutual; then, saying “no thank you” is friendly and appropriate. 


Remember – our staff are here to address your questions or concerns!

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